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E Komo Mai 

E Komo Mai to Essence of Eden Hawaii!! 

I am a local Postpartum Care giver here on the beautiful Island of Oahu! I serve the North Shore and Surrounding areas! I am certified as a Lactation Specialist, Placenta Encapsulator, Postpartum Herbal care, and just love to help women transition beautifully into motherhood, or in the cases of multiple children, embracing being a mother of multiples! I aim to help families focus on bonding and treasuring such a precious time, while I take care of other matters at hand! I believe in naturalistic and holistic care for the whole family. I am here to provide emotional, physical, mental, spiritual and hormonal help in any and every way I can! I feel honored to have the calling that I do and I aim to honor tender hearts, growing family budgets, and the various experiences that happen with growing Ohana's!  

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