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Running has always been a way for me to have clarity of mind, and often peace of spirit. Even before becoming a mother, I would through on my jacket and running pants and head out to desolate Colorado hiking trails and run until I literally could not run anymore. This is my weapon for times when I feel like those voices in my head are getting the best of me. It is my way to triumph over them with sweat dripping down my back and my heart thumping so loud it drowns out the chatter of my mind. Becoming a mother has made my running a little more, how should I say this, strategic. My daughter is as strong willed as they come, and I know, because I pray passionately for it, that it will make her a mighty warrior of a woman one day. But for now, it makes trying to get her into a running stroller a little difficult at times, ok lets be honest, every time! But those sweet times of victory when I manage to get her buckled in, we whisk off to bask in the sweet Hawaiian Sun, there is nothing better!


The same running bliss happened just a few weeks back. I always take a path that sandwiches this large hill in my run. I love running this hill because at the top I can see this mailbox that sticks out, visible from the very bottom of the incline. I set my eye on it and I jam! I run with all I have, and push that stroller full of toddler up that hill. My daughter loves this part of the run a little more than I do! But as soon as I hit the incline I feel that burn, and with the burn I start my prayer, or how I like to refer to it (maybe a little dramatically) my “Warrior Call”. Its almost natural for me to reach out to God in that moment (Partially to not have a heart attack) but also because this hill is so symbolic of life, of walking with Christ, and setting our eyes steadfast on Him above all else. I merge this outward expression with my prayer to run towards God with all I am. This is my fight, my battle, and this run was a moment that turned out to mean much more than I ever thought it might.


Previous to this run, life had unraveled. My husband and I had decided to get out of the Army, and return to his home here on the Island of Oahu. I have always loved Hawaii after living on the Big Island, and occasionally traveling to Oahu so I had no qualms about this decision. On top of that, my parents were planning on retiring in Hawaii, the same time we were getting out of the Army! It set up perfectly! We all decided to buy a home together and renovate it to be the perfect blend of families, something that is very common in Hawaii. However, I knew the moment we arrived in Hawaii, that a storm was coming. I even had my best friend warn me that she too felt that we were going into “The trenches”. I felt such joy at finally moving home to the place we longed for, for so long while in the Military. Now that it was here, however, my spirit sensed what was coming. That very night after getting to Hawaii my daughter woke in the middle of the night and was struck with a sickness more intense than she had ever experienced before, considering that up to that point she had only had minor teething sniffles and low grade fevers. She had it all, literally for two months, my vibrant little girl was a fussy, miserable, exhausted little being, and I, with her was, emotionally drained. This I knew was hard but was not the storm. My spirit sensed that the storm was soon. Then shortly after my sweet girl recovered, and was her goofy two year old self again, it happened. The blow of the tip of the storm, it was upon us. My parents had decided to divorce. This was a decision that I NEVER thought would happen, and honestly stirs up a battle with in myself that stems from my high school and early college years! (That is a story for another time) We had to put the house we planned to spend our lives in on the market and I had to again say good by to both my parents as they split ways and left for the Main land. My husband was still looking for work, and my business was still in the foundational period. So here we were, beyond broke, in an empty house that we had to pry our heart strings off of, and our only hope was to cling to God to salvage the life we still hoped to establish here in Hawaii.


So in that moment of running, I felt like I was gripping to life. I was running off the anger, and deep sadness I felt. At last I reached the mailbox, however, this time I noticed the address marked on the mailbox. 40. In my head I heard “40 days”. I thought it was myself thinking that, but for the remainder of my run “40 days” repeated in my head, so just to see, I marked it on my calendar. And I forgot about it and carried on with life! Since then my husband was blessed with an awesome job and we couldn't be more thankful! However, the attempt to financially recover from all that had happened and multiple offers on our home falling through started weighing on us. We knew we needed out of this house, but financially we couldn't leave a home that we still owned with my parents. On top of that we were too broke to put down a deposit for any rentals we saw. Many know that Hawaii is really competitive for rentals, and though we didn't intend to rent long, we just needed to get our footing, before faithfully attempting to be home owners again.


This led us to Monday the 16th of November. My daughter and I usually walk everywhere (We are a one car family) and excitedly she pointed at all of the Christmas decorations going up all around! We LOVE Christmas! We talked about how exciting Jesus’ Birthday is and all it meant! She gets over joyed every time we talk about it! Then we started making our way home, praying out loud together that God would bless us with a home we could live in before Christmas so we can decorate and enjoy the first Christmas that my daughter is old enough to really participate in! We rounded our last turn up our hill and our sweet neighbor next door drives up to us and tells us that they will be letting us rent the back house for well below our budget, if we wanted it. I couldn't believe it! All our searching, and God gave us the house next door, in the neighbor hood we loved! Our neighbors, asked the owners to bless us and claimed us as their own family, and that decided it for the owner to choose us to rent it! I couldn't find words to thank her kindness enough. Irie and I sung praises to God as we walked the rest of the way to the house! Later that afternoon, before I put my daughter down for her afternoon nap, my sweet friend popped in, committed her life to Christ in our living room and left our house with a bright hope of a future ahead of her. As a mother her had recently lost her 2 month old child, had a history of homosexulaity, and the recent high risk birth of her daughter, who is now as healthy as can be! She was ready to heal, and to be made new. I couldn't believe it. What a wonderful day! As I put my daughter down for her nap, I started heading to my office to squeeze in work as my daughter slept, and then I got a phone call. There was an offer on our house, by passing all of the inspections and going right into the ending processes of escrow. Wow! I couldn't believe all that had just happened…. in one day. Later that night a friend invited us to go bowling next week, so I pulled up my calendar on my phone and in big letters and that very day, Novemebr 16th, marked 40 days. I was over come with uncontrollable laughter and my husband couldn't believe that it was 40 days, as he remembered my run that day and, like me, forgot about the time! As that night finished, feeling abundantly blessed, still with struggles on the Horizon, but the intimacy we felt in our lives with the Holy Spirit, with God, we knew we had all we ever would need.


I often fear that God doesn't talk to me, or than maybe I am not listening, but a dear friend reminded me that that is nothing but a lie from the enemy. God talks to us all in different ways, even through mailboxes. Lets stop doubting that God is an intimate God, and embrace the profoundness of His relationship with each one of us.


Ephesians 1:16-22 “I have not stopped thanking God for you. I pray for you constantly, asking God, the glorious Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, to give you spiritual wisdom[a] and insight so that you might grow in your knowledge of God. I pray that your hearts will be flooded with light so that you can understand the confident hope he has given to those he called—his holy people who are his rich and glorious inheritance. I also pray that you will understand the incredible greatness of God’s power for us who believe him. This is the same mighty power that raised Christ from the dead and seated him in the place of honor at God’s right hand in the heavenly realms. Now he is far above any ruler or authority or power or leader or anything else—not only in this world but also in the world to come. God has put all things under the authority of Christ and has made him head over all things for the benefit of the church.”


Have Grit Mighty Ones,


Kiersten Homalon

Radiant Woman: Jamie Swim (Artist)

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There are artists in the world that are recognizable as soon as you see their work. This same is true for Jamie Swim’s graphically whimsical Hawaiian inspired art. Even more charming than her art, if you could even imagine something more charming, is Jamie herself. Genuinely sincere in her bashfulness at the recent explosion of her art to the mainland and all through out the North Shore. Jamie expressed to me “It doesn't feel real, I feel so blessed I get to do what I love and get paid for it!” Sitting at the Coffee shop, both of us with little girls in tow we dove into her life experiences that molded her life and her art to happily embrace the spirit of Aloha that she loves so much.


Jamie was born and raised in Arizona, however, Hawaii always called to her. She always would paint foliage and scenery that she imagined Hawaii might be like. She would look at photos and do her best to manifest the beauty she knew called out to her! Then one day she decided to do it. She decided to drop everything and make the move to O’ahu. No job or even place to live, Jamie reminisced, “I just knew if i was gonna do it, I just would have to do it!”. And that she did! She moved to O’ahu stayed with friends and worked at the Sea Life Park as a photographer. “Talk about random” she giggled. Most importantly Jamie expressed to me how much her art begun to flourish once she was here. She became overwhelmed with the beauty of Hawaii and wanted to paint everything in her sight. That was when she begun to establish the style we all so readily recognize now. Her waves became better, because she was able to experience them, the lighting, and the flowers all were a reality for her now, and the love she dreamed of for Hawaii was even better once she was living in the land of Aloha!


Now, Jamie’s work is featured in local businesses, sold in department stores on the mainland and continues to be many peoples choices for gifts and statement pieces for their home. Jamie admitted that she loves doing custom art and manifesting peoples vision with her art! She also is dipping her toes, quite successfully, in marketing posters for companies and special events. She has the ultimate dream to design the major surfing competition’s posters and advertisements! She honors her husband for giving her the gusto to put her art out there, because if it wasn't for him, she would portably never have gotten the courage to share her beautiful gift that blesses so many!

Jamie is still living on the North Shore and painting in the midst of raising two beautiful girls and being an awesome wife. I treasure women who are convinced that they can be present mothers in their children's lives as well as still dream big. That is what inspires the next generation. That is what keeps mothers living each day with oomph in their step. Jamie Swim is a wonderful example of a Radiant woman and I look forward to watching more people get to know her art and Jamie herself!


To inquire about purchasing her work or about commissioning Jamie Swim you can check out her Facebook page:


or even call her directly at 808-673-0743


To you sweet ones, Have Grit,

Kiersten Homalon

Radant Woman: Deborah Dominici IBCLC

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Babies Breast Friend

Deborah Dominici is a force to reckoned with when it comes to aiding women in successful breast feeding. She is more than just passionate; she is educated, experienced and extensively certified. On top of it all, “Debbie” is hungry to continue learning more about breast feeding, enduring lactation in many different circumstances, and hopes to offer comprehensive Breastfeeding Classes starting in 2016!


Deborah began her career in nursing in 1986 when she became a Licensed Practical Nurse. She then decided to specialize as an OBGYN and worked in Antepartum/Postpartum, Labor and Delivery. Finally Debbie worked as a Clinical Nurse Educator for 10 years. It wasn't until she started extensively working with breastfeeding that Deborah really felt she found her calling. This motivated her to work towards becoming an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) in 2001. This tapped into the love she found when nursing all three of her children and she knew that she wanted to spread the knowledge and joy that she has to offer while guiding women in healthy breastfeeding practices. In May 2015 Deborah started her own business "Babies Breast Friend" here on Oahu. She now offers in home appointments where she is able to assess and aid with just about any breastfeeding anomaly. Deborah is passionate about spreading knowledge and wants to ensure that each woman's breastfeeding is guided with educated and individualized care. She revealed that “[she] sees so much bad advice.” Whether it be through social media or even in person, the effects of bad advice can really ruin a breastfeeding relationship for mom and baby. This is where Deborah really has the drive to step in and create awareness of the need, in certain instances, for professional help. She genuinely assured that “ [She] just wants people to get the help they need.” On top of that desire to create awareness Deborah hopes to aid women in getting insurances to step up and assist mothers when looking to fund their postpartum care. This is an ongoing desire of hers to make sure that finances are never the reason for a mother to not get the help that she needs.


Deborah has long been educating herself about the tongue tie and lip tie effects on breastfeeding babies and recently had a very personal experience. She had long been effected by her own tongue tie (Though was still a successful nurser as a baby with her mother). She recognized that a lot of her upper neck and back stiffness and pain was directly associated to this tie that she had suffered from for years! This is a trait that extends through almost her entire family. She recently went to Oregon with her Granddaughter for them both to get a tongue tie release from Dr. Bobby Ghaheri an ENT Specialist with The Oregon Clinic. Dr. Ghaheri does about three to seven tongue tie releases each week and Deborah was able to even sit in and watch the procedure for her Granddaughters tie. She really feels that this experience fueled her even more and educated her further to better assist mothers with babies with lip and tongue ties. A goal of hers in this next year is to get certified to offer Cranial Sacral Therapy for babies! Another wonderful addition to her already bountiful amount of knowledge when it comes to guiding mothers to successfully breastfeed. Debbie expressed that “[her] ultimate goal is to educate and empower mothers to be able to care for their breastfed baby with confidence and ease.” A wonderful drive in a woman that is well educated and has years of valuable experience!


For more information or to contact Deborah Dominici you can contact her at (808)292-4232 or on her business Facebook page

Radiant Woman: Batya Friedland

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It’s always interesting for me to set up meetings with women in the birthing field that I do not know. Waiting at the coffee shop with my silly 2 year old daughter in my lap scribbling all over my work folders, yes this is how I conduct every single one of my, “Extremely professional” interviews! I always treasure the moment that my interviewee walks in the door and something always seems to draw our glances together. With out fail, EVERY TIME this happens. And of course, as Batya Friedland walked in, that wonderful moment of synergy happened, yet again, and we knew exactly who each other were.

As we dove into the meeting it started feeling less and less like an interview, and more and more a wonderful moment of sharing passion, visions, convictions, and wonderful memories that we count ourselves blessed to be apart of in the birthing world. Batya has been an active Doula since 2013. She has one of those magnetic personalities and smile that makes you feel so peaceful as soon as you’re in her midsts. Yes, its so easy to tell the women who are called to be Doulas. This is not to say that Batya is not unique, no. For a woman who not only speaks Spanish, Mandarin, Hebrew and Thai, but is also ordained as both a Buddhist Chaplain and Jewish Rabbi, she is the furthest thing from ordinary. Currently, she is apprenticing with Selena Green of Hale Kealaula, here on O’ahu and has no doubt that this is where she is called to be. Embarking on this training was no light decision, and the true weight of what she was deciding to do seeped into her with the wisdom shared to her by a Midwifery teacher. The teacher expressed that, “ You love every single woman you work with, that is your job.” Batya further claimed that, "In midwifery, love is within the scope of professionalism!"

I personally appreciate that Batya, though firmly passionate in her beliefs with natural Birthing and Postpartum, never generalized nor negatively commented on the birthing choices of any mother she's worked with. In fact she stated very clearly, "Making generalizations about a woman, her cosmology, and her family is not the point." Batya, of course, treasures doing home births, however she does offer her services at hospital births! She also loves to be available to expecting mothers to ask questions any time they want. With her wealth of knowledge and sisterhood mentality I have no doubt her mothers find much comfort in that accessibility she offers. She up holds herself to truly being there for the mother no matter what she deems as true for her birthing plan. Batya aims to, "Not put anyone down who makes the decision to birth in a hospital, but rather support her in her agency and choice. One choice at a time the birth process can come back into the hands of the women who are truly delivering their own children." She hopes for women to reclaim the power of their CHOICE to determine how they want to birth. She even made the bold claim that the sky rocketing rates of doulas being present at births, “Is the adaptation of what we need now.” Batya is very “Ancient world oriented” as she called herself. She makes it part of her consciousness to recall the way women used to birth, whether with close family members, or unassisted. Batya really sees the need for doulas as, “A response to what [she] would call, an emergency in the current birth world.”

Batya has a refreshingly peeled back stance of how women have been birthing, and even how they are recovering during the Postpartum period. We began our discussion of the Postpartum period and the tenderness that I could see in her vibrated between the both of us as we both became united in the calling we both have to nurture in the 4th trimester of the pregnancy. Ceremony, continued to come up in our discussion over and over. We both smiled each time. I loved that with our transparency of the significant difference in our beliefs we were still joined in the necessity of ceremony in the Postpartum period. Even as a Doula and/ or a Midwife, being present during a woman's birth is very much a ceremony. The Doula and Midwife fasts from herself, for however long it takes for that woman to birth. She refrains from sleep, often eating, sometimes even water, and fully invests her mind, body and soul into this other being during this sacred time! Batya knows this ceremony very well, and celebrated that not a single one of her births have ever been even remotely similar!

Once we again revisited the subject of the postpartum period, she brought up the importance to acknowledge that death that is always companioned with birth. She admitted that, “There is also a death with birth, there is always two sides to every coin. There is the death of the life of not being a mother, or even a death of not being pregnant anymore and having to release that and maybe even grieve it.” What a beautiful way to put this transition into motherhood into words. Rarely are the realities of the postpartum period disclosed. To put it in the light in a way that is not negative, but rather encourages the woman to take her time and allow herself to slowly travel through this delicate transition, is POWERFUL for a mother to be healthy and recover properly!

Additionally, Batya offers a Service for Jewish families to partake in the revolutionary Practice of Brit Shalom, (Brit=covenant, shalom=peace. The classical name is brit milah, brit=covenant, milah=circumcision) or as Batya described it “A Peaceful Circumcision.” Instead of the ceremony centering around the actual circumcision of the baby boy, she expressed that they, “Don't offer violence to a new baby with in the first eight days of the baby’s life.” This is a huge transition in an ancient faith! She stood fast that this was a necessary step to be taken! She concluded with a statement that took me off guard and actually surprised me! Batya, with her big smile and confident stare said, “When we have women birthing from an empowered Mother-baby centered place, I do believe peace will reign on this Earth.”

This was the first time I heard someones calling echo to her holistic view of the world. My eyes were definitely opened with my interview of Batya and I truly treasure being able to be two completely different women, coming together with one vision of bettering and rendering true natural ways to birth and transition into motherhood. Our community of Women on this Island is so rich, and I plan to piece it together one Birth worker at a time! Batya was the perfect launching point for this vision, and I am so thankful to have met her and would highly recommend her services as a doula, and certainly count her as my friend!


To directly contact Batya about her services or her wealth of birthing and Postpartum knowledge you can email her at: [email protected]


Have Grit Sweet Ones,

Kiersten Homalon

Start With Art: Patrick Dougherty

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Patrick Dougherty

Running in Circles 1996. Denmark

For me, Art school was a rabbit hole of artists as well as a rich history of legendary artists that used every imaginable material and platform for how and why they make art. Though many fascinated me, I continually returned to Nature Art. I am not sure if it was because I enjoyed being out in the Colorado mountains so much, or if I saw a direct correlation to spirituality with Nature art, but my fascination grew to a genuine interest to experience and explore Nature art for myself. I made many attempts at creating my own Nature art, some more successful than others. But I will never lose my genuine appreciation and admiration of Patrick Dougherty’s eerily lively Sculptures.


Patrick Dougherty was born and raised in North Carolina. He received his M.A. in Hospital and Health Administration at the University of Iowa in 1969. However he returned to the university of North Carolina where he received his B.A. to pursue and Study Art History and Sculpture. (Two of my most favorite subjects, see again I like this guy!) Dougherty’s work quickly evolved from conventional sized sculptures to massive sculptures that swiftly became internationally recognized. Dougherty blended his carpentry skills, his love of Nature and a unique blend of primitive techniques to manifest these enormous sculptures. He has now created over 250 sculptures and continues to rectify sculptures all over the world.


I had the privilege to experience his work first hand when he had an installation on the Colorado College Campus. I cannot recall how many times I would just go and sit inside his fort like sculpture. His pieces pull on the inner child in you. I realized that that desire to have a secret fort and hide away, truly never leaves the core of us. Dougherty’s pieces also have an eery presence to them. Sitting long enough it truly feels like the sculpture is “being” there with you. The energy of the storybook woodworking technique is nothing short of Masterful and quite honesty stunning to behold (and if no one is looking, even more amazing to touch… not that I did…;).

Call of the Wild 2002, Tacoma Museum of Glass

Though my husband and I were stationed in Washington State, we were about 13 years too late to see one of my most favorite pieces from him. (Honestly, I would have probably died and gone to Art heaven if this sculpture was still erected) Dougherty’s Piece ‘Call of the Wild’ Positioned at the Tacoma Museum of Glass, is one of those works that cannot be touched by time. The play of reflection off of the water where his pieces protect, is simply genius. Gravity seems of no power and honestly, no importance to this space. Again, a storybook setting in the midst of a very real hustling city again calls that inner child in all of us to recall the fire with in our souls.


One of his pieces that I also treasure, mostly for its difference from his installation pieces, is His sculpture ‘Out of the Box’, featured at the North Carolina Museum of Art in 2009. Though this piece is undoubtedly Dougherty’s work, he takes a much more decretive approach with this piece. Positioned much like a painting his piece is up against the wall and indoors. Yet some how, there is no lack of energy, presence, or that call to action of the childlike spirit in all of us. The textures and flow in his work some how becomes comforting the more you behold it. Your eyes travel over the piece repeatedly, some how never tiring.


Out of the Box 2009, North Carolina Museum of Art

If you cannot tell I adore Patrick Dougherty’s Art and I hope that you might feel that tug in your child like spirit like I do! We all need a little bit of that from time to time!


Easy Rider 2010. Washington DC

"Featured." Patrick Dougherty. Accessed November 17, 2015.

The Disguise of Aloha

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In general, as Americans, I do not think that a single one of us can claim that we have nothing to be grateful for. We are privileged. Especially for me, as a Colorado born woman living in Hawaii amongst many cultures, some indigenous and others from over seas, I am constantly reminded of how privileged I am. Hawaii is a common ground for many who traveled here generations ago to work for the Dole Plantation, or for local farms and some for the cane fields. These are cultures that derived from third world countries, where poverty was their motivation to flee to the land of Aloha, out of a necessary means to provide for their families. This molded Hawaii into a hub that is desperately clinging to its Hawaiian traditions, while there is a wide variety of cultures embarking on it. I heard someone describe Hawaii as “A third world country, with first world amenities.” Many see Hawaii only in movies or in pictures in magazines, but the reality of Hawaii is so different than many will ever know, and it takes living amongst the people to fully understand it.

My husband is a local boy who grew up on the North Shore of Oahu. His favorite memories involve his dad fishing with him early in the morning, tending to his roosters, and living in Haleiwa in a communal home with his entire multigenerational family and only fire to heat the water for their single outdoor shower. My husband is a man, that came from a life that some would describe as little or maybe even lacking, but with his big heart and open eyes, he sees his life growing up as having everything. He grew up having the values of a world that has long been passed on the mainland and usually is only found in small farming communities. They value family above all and honor God with their thankfulness no matter what. This is what drew me in about the Islands, the people. This is what is TRUE Hawaii is.

It is no secret that living in Hawaii is hard. With prices of food, the ratio of supply and demand with housing out of balance, and the difficulty in finding suitable work, making a living is better described as, “Completely remolding your standard of living”. I ,for one have gone from my single days in Colorado in a 1 bedroom apartment for about $500 a month right in the heart of the most desirable part of town, to now looking for a rental, for my WHOLE family, and considering a 1 Bedroom apartment, for over $1800 a month. For most, when they realize that remolding standards and changing life styles are a necessity to survive here, they usually decide to leave. Like I said, Hawaii is not only what you see in the Magazines. Others, like us, come to a point where they see what Hawaii is about, and they deem it as necessary to be where their souls feel called. And the life style change for me has been a wonderful process of simplification, that I think many could benefit from.

Leaning on God has been something I have struggled with for years and now, slowly God is working on my heart, gently as He always is. I cannot even count the amount of times where my husband and I looked at each other knowing full well that our bank account and ice box were empty, and prayed that we could make it another week in this condition. Seems impossible, even to me sometimes, but with out fail, every time God stretches our food, and reminds me that the Spirit of Aloha is abundant here in Hawaii. I cannot even count the number of times our family has been invited to a cook out and my husband’s aunty will send us home with enough home cooked food to last us through until the next pay day, in fact she insists and will pile your arms full of food as you're walking out the door, simultaneously kissing you on the cheek. If that weren't a blessing enough, our neighbors and friends continually bless us with fruit, avocados, mangoes, eggs, and the funny thing is, is that we haven't told any of them that we were worried about having food to put on the table. This is the culture in Hawaii. It is hard for everyone here, and yet everyone gives and shares and cares for their family, their neighbors, their friends, and people they do not even know. The spirit of Aloha, I have no doubt, is just another name for the Holy Spirit. Every time I return to the homeland, I will step off the plane and the Holy Spirit will sweep over me, uncontrollable tears of Joy flow, sometimes with out me even realizing!

On the days that the pressure of life seems to get to me and my husband, we will stop what we’re doing, head to the beach to catch a sunset and in that moment, God gently reminds us the TRUTH of His amazing presence we have unlimited access to! The indigenous flowers here have time and time again been used for the Lord to speak to me, to guide me, and to fill my heart with so much joy. Hawaii, is not like it is in movies, or in magazines, because if you live here, and you struggle here, and you bond together with the local people, then you know that it is so, so much better! I wouldn't want to live anywhere else right now and I am so grateful that God continues to be our provision in EVERY aspect of our lives!

I pray that more people get to experience this Spirit of Aloha and that it contagiously spreads for generations to come!

The Seed

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I never really know when it happened....


That fleeting moment between feeling like your life is moving forward quickly , to realizing the calling that has been placed on your life and suddenly everything is standing still.


To the blissful ignorance of free living with no care, and choosing to shove off responsibility, whirling around in a downward spiral. Some spirals lasting longer than others.


Transitioned to holding the well being of a life in your arms, long days, even longer nights. And that heaviness.... Yes, you know this feeling too. Don't you?


I talk of this heaviness often, and most say that I always seem sad by this mentioning.


Really, I am glad. For I know now that I have been seen, heard, corrected.


Before putting my life in the palm of unworthy hands and allowing anything to leech away the little bit of self preservation and respect I had.


To now, treasuring my life because I have the calling to devote it to others, to give it away, to breath out on others.


I shake my head at who I was before. Lost and desperate for that uniqueness that drowns us all, that deception in the misshapen mirror


I have my glory and it seeps from with in me because my heart is now not my own.


So how long will it be? For me to embrace the quiet. The empty house with the whispering breath of my toddler sleeping.


I feel like I am standing still often. Waiting for someone to walk in my front door.


Longing for friendship or maybe even a distraction from the rawness of the realization, that my neediness, is nothing to run from


Never did I think that planting myself in rich soils would be so much pain.


But I realize that in order for roots to take, they must rip from the flesh of the seed.


Reaching out and filling the space of the pot just to realize that there really is no limitation to how far these roots can spread.


I am desperate for that presence that breathes life into these thin strings, and thickens the roots made from a seed that once was dead.


The blossoms spring forth without even noticing and the seasons come and go. Petals falling and then again forming a precious white bloom.


The flow of being planted in soil fertile and secure, means only that there are certain times of bloom


To Bloom, as some say "Where you are planted" makes it seem by some random chance. But each seed is specific for the soil that it must reach.


Sourced and cared for before it even meets the Earth


The time from then to the eb an flow of the bud, mans simply this... There must be a gardener tending to the shrub.



The Placenta Lady

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Yes! I am the Placenta Lady!

I always will glance to my husband when people ask me what it is that I do for work. He reassuringly looks at me and smirks, knowing that my speal is coming.

With out a doubt I always get the funny crooked facial expressions followed by a series of questions, or in some situations that awkward silence. I dont mind though! I am so thrilled to be able to do what I do! And raising awareness of Placenta Encapsulation is a passion of mine! It is not GROSS or WitchCraft, or WEIRD. It is a natural process of the bodies that birthed life as God created women to do! 

Each Placenta I unwrap is genuinely like a present, reminding me each time how precious life is, how amazing the female body is, and how vital the Placenta is to the Postpartum recovery period!

With out fail, my two year old daughter knows what time it is when I am deep cleaning the kitchen and suiting up. She always wants to peak at it. Her wide eyes taking it all in, "PaCenna Momma?" I reply with a mask covered grin and a "Yes baby that's right." "Babys mommy eat it?" she wonders, hearing my speal enough to get the grasp of what its used for. "Yes!" I reply. "After mommy is finished she will take her placenta just like yummy vitamins". 

Some could see this enteraction as odd I suppose, but I love that she will not be grossed out or lost in the vortex of the unknown during the postpartum period like I, and so many other women are. She too will appreciate Gods workmanship and know how powerful this Organ is!

A Call To Mothers

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A Call To Mothers 

Maybe in another life, maybe in someone else’s dream.

Each whisper to her a knick from a dull razor

People see her, mock her, doubt her

Expect nothing from her

The mother who stays home with her babes

The mother who tends her home

They don't see her battleground

The realm tainted and squandered by on lookers and the thumb throughs

The facade that steals away the essence of the home…

The refuge

A place not manifested on its own.

Its created…

Created by hands simultaneously holding sweet children

The hands that chose being a threshold for the family that will become

Her mind and her spirit aligning

A deadly balance that is desperately sought out by her enemy

It wants to destroy her

Break her

Steal from her

Lie to her


Disregarded as the one who stays behind


Yet she has caught the scent


Her prey is in her sight

Hunkered to the grass and soil

She crouches leading her pride at her back

Her eyes are never off target

Her tongue can taste her victory


Its good they see no threat from her

For she knows her might

She knows her calling

She knows she is fierce

This is why her enemy calls to her

Aiming to distract and whisper decay to her

But she will not be persuaded

Her fire within is burning

No one is a match for her

Her chest to the earth

Ready to strike

And when she does

She does not miss



This is the calling of the mother..

Once we strike

Once we reclaim the territory the world has stolen

The world will never be the same

A Strong and mighty mother echoes for generations

Her roar will not be unheard

And her heart will not be tamed


Awake Lionesses…

Its time to hunt.

Aloha! E Komo Mai to Essence From Eden Hawaii

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I am so thrilled you have found your way to my website and that you might be on the hunt, in hopes of expanding your birthing and postpartum community! This is where I feel I am called to serve in my life. Each mother and family a treasure to me. I treat each experience uniquely and I never have had the same experience twice! I hope you get an essence of what I am about and how I run my "Business". Really this is so much more to me than business... its my blessed calling. And I am honored to be able to do what I do in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Be Blessed.

With love,

Kiersten Homalon

Owner of Essence From Eden Hawaii