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A Call To Mothers

Posted on October 28, 2015 at 10:00 PM

A Call To Mothers 

Maybe in another life, maybe in someone else’s dream.

Each whisper to her a knick from a dull razor

People see her, mock her, doubt her

Expect nothing from her

The mother who stays home with her babes

The mother who tends her home

They don't see her battleground

The realm tainted and squandered by on lookers and the thumb throughs

The facade that steals away the essence of the home…

The refuge

A place not manifested on its own.

Its created…

Created by hands simultaneously holding sweet children

The hands that chose being a threshold for the family that will become

Her mind and her spirit aligning

A deadly balance that is desperately sought out by her enemy

It wants to destroy her

Break her

Steal from her

Lie to her


Disregarded as the one who stays behind


Yet she has caught the scent


Her prey is in her sight

Hunkered to the grass and soil

She crouches leading her pride at her back

Her eyes are never off target

Her tongue can taste her victory


Its good they see no threat from her

For she knows her might

She knows her calling

She knows she is fierce

This is why her enemy calls to her

Aiming to distract and whisper decay to her

But she will not be persuaded

Her fire within is burning

No one is a match for her

Her chest to the earth

Ready to strike

And when she does

She does not miss



This is the calling of the mother..

Once we strike

Once we reclaim the territory the world has stolen

The world will never be the same

A Strong and mighty mother echoes for generations

Her roar will not be unheard

And her heart will not be tamed


Awake Lionesses…

Its time to hunt.

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