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The Placenta Lady

Posted on October 30, 2015 at 8:55 PM

Yes! I am the Placenta Lady!

I always will glance to my husband when people ask me what it is that I do for work. He reassuringly looks at me and smirks, knowing that my speal is coming.

With out a doubt I always get the funny crooked facial expressions followed by a series of questions, or in some situations that awkward silence. I dont mind though! I am so thrilled to be able to do what I do! And raising awareness of Placenta Encapsulation is a passion of mine! It is not GROSS or WitchCraft, or WEIRD. It is a natural process of the bodies that birthed life as God created women to do! 

Each Placenta I unwrap is genuinely like a present, reminding me each time how precious life is, how amazing the female body is, and how vital the Placenta is to the Postpartum recovery period!

With out fail, my two year old daughter knows what time it is when I am deep cleaning the kitchen and suiting up. She always wants to peak at it. Her wide eyes taking it all in, "PaCenna Momma?" I reply with a mask covered grin and a "Yes baby that's right." "Babys mommy eat it?" she wonders, hearing my speal enough to get the grasp of what its used for. "Yes!" I reply. "After mommy is finished she will take her placenta just like yummy vitamins". 

Some could see this enteraction as odd I suppose, but I love that she will not be grossed out or lost in the vortex of the unknown during the postpartum period like I, and so many other women are. She too will appreciate Gods workmanship and know how powerful this Organ is!

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