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Lactation Support


I am a certified Lactation Specialist and have been Certified though Lactation Education Resources. I offer the following services with my practice:

-Over the phone/skype/email/facebook consultations for questions and concerns

-House visits: to assess breastfeeding practices, and the overall breastfeeding

relationship between mother and baby

-Education in essential oils and their use during breastfeeding

-Assistance with nutrition during breastfeeding and the use of supplements while breast


-Custom Organic Kombucha Drinks to combat yeast infections or illness in the mother

while nursing


I base My prices off of your income and what your needs are as a nursing mother. Please contact me for a free quote of services.


Placenta Encapsulation


Humans are the only mammals on earth that do not regularly ingest the placenta after giving birth and it is an absolute shame!!! The placenta is rich with Vitamins and minerals that you just cannot get anywhere else and that your body NEEDS after undergoing the birthing process! ‎”Giving…placenta to a new mother following birth has become standard protocol among a growing number of midwives in the United States. By nourishing the blood and fluids, endocrine glands and organs, Placenta will …reduce or stop postpartum bleeding, speed up recovery, boost energy and relieve postpartum blues.” Homes, Peter. 1993. Jade Remedies, Snow Lotus Press, 352. The placenta also helps with milk production and boosts the nutrient content in your breast milk! Here are some other reasons for encapsulating:


-Prevents the "baby blues"


-Replenishes iron from blood loss at birth and prevents post birth anemia.


-Gives stable flow of oxytocin long after the "baby high" ends


-Provides HPL hormone which establishes an early and healthy supply of milk


-Stabilizing ever changing hormones post birth


-Replenishes B vitamins and energy that were used during labor and birth process


-Protects against infection and bleeding due to retained placenta tissue or membranes.


-Offers natural pain relief from labor and birth of baby.



I am a certified Placenta Encapsulator for the Stat of Hawaii through Full Circle Placenta


Essence Post Partum Care




Basic Heated Capsules:

Starting at $200.00


A process that involves only the placenta and no additional herbs or infusions.


RAW Capsules:

Starting at $270.00


A process that does not "steam" the placenta before hydration process believed to keep more of the power of the placenta intact


Personalized Preparation Capsules:

Starting at $250.00


A specific reference from a TCM doctor, then infusion of recommended herbs before dehydration of placenta. Adding additional health benefits.


Placenta Chocolate Chia Pudding

Starting at $12


A great way to receive comfort and nourishment from the placenta, and the many benefits of chia! This is a great way for women who want to ingest raw placenta without having to worry about looking at or feeling the texture of the placenta! ** consultation required for raw ingestion.


Placenta Smoothies (various flavors)

Starting at $12


A great way to ingest raw placenta, and reap the benefits of vegetables, fruit and supplements able to be added to smoothies! Recipe Specifically designed for each client.

A great alternative to pharmaceutical ways of controlling bleeding!


Placenta Balms

Starting at $30


A great addition to every house hold medicine cabinet. With the amazing ability to remove toxins from the body. This includes healing abilities on bug stings, cuts, and slivers!!!


Ingredients: candililla, cocoa butter, Shea butter, olive oil, vitamin e, bentonite clay, activated charcoal powder, rhassoul clay, purifying essential oils, placenta powder.


Placenta Ne-Ne Lactation Bites (great to pair with Happy Tah Tah tea!)

Starting at $20


Another way to consume dehydrated placenta and reap the many benefits of the supplements for lactation in these delicious cookies! Offered without placenta powder also!



Placenta Chocolate Truffles

Starting at $30


A delicious way to reap the benefits of the placenta! Many women crave chocolate during ministration and postpartum so why not add in the amazing power of the placenta!!! This is a great option for women who have difficulty swallowing capsules! The placenta is dehydrated and ground into a fine powder before added into the truffles so taste and texture are not an issue!


Cord Keep Sakes:

-Imprint of Placenta

-Dehydrated Cord keepsake

-Cord Dream Catcher ($2)


Placenta Tinctures



A great option that can be done with the whole placenta or with only a small piece! This is a great way to create a homeopathic remedy from the placenta! Offers great benefits to mother and biological daughter including: relieving menopausal symptoms, teething, first periods for daughters, stress and immune strengthening! Can be taken under tongue or in a glass of water or juice.


Postnatal Support

Starting at $300


Includes: Certified lactation support, Bengkung Bellie Binding Education, Vaginal herbal steams and a 30% discount on all Essence From Eden skin care.


Bengkung Belly Wrap



Research info!


* placentophagia research is extremely limited and lacking. I think it's important to research your options and choose what you see as best for you and your family! I have included some links to help you realize that placenta encapsulation is not regulated by the FDA and some do not believe in the benefits at all. Please make an informed and educated decision.


Check out these links!


I meet with each client around 30-34 weeks gestation and discuss the perfect package options. Then after birth I meet with mother to receive placenta and discuss the birth and postpartum details to ensure that placenta encapsulation and herbal choices are specific to each mother and that the process is as safe and beneficial as possible.


-initial prices will vary on packages chosen and postpartum services included.


Caution: capsules are not manufactured by a licensed pharmacist and are not intended to treat, relieve or prevent any symptoms, diseases, or ailments. If ill it is not advised to consume capsules. If negative reaction occurs from capsules discontinue use. And as always talk to a medical professional prior to use of placenta capsules or food products.




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