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Postpartum Doula Services 

It is said that when a child is born so is a mother, and in many cases so is a father! Birth is such a precious and emotional time in life that most often it is the focus, rightfully so! But the postpartum period is often not talked about and there is a lot of unanswered questions and for some reason a fear of asking for help and allowing families to take their time transitioning to another member of the family! As a Postpartum Doula I focus on main areas to make sure that the transition into parenthood or into a multiple children family dynamic is smooth and peaceful:

-Breastfeeding support

-Cooking (Meal prep for special dietary restrictions are available)


-Assisting with older children

-Infant care support/ education

-Natural Remedies for nursing mothers, children and family members

-Emotional, Spiritual and physical support

-Accessibility to a night time doula

-Phone and Text Accessibility for questions and/or concerns 

Growing your family is a precious time in life, when household duties become less of a priority and inhaling every precious second of new babies and sibling interactions becomes the main focus! I allow for your house hold to still function so your focus can be recovery and parenting! I ensure that nursing mothers are receiving the proper nutrition and hydration and that all family members have healthy accessible food at their finger tips! Its good to have help after giving birth! We were meant to Birth in Communities and that is exactly what a Postpartum Doula Provides! 

**Pricing is based off of Family income and Services Chosen! Below are the packages and the price ranges for each.

Simply Sweet Postpartum Package 

This package includes the following assistance Postpartum: 

-Lactation Support

-Placenta Encapsulation

-Natural Baby Care Support

(Ranging from $250-$350)

Peaceful Postpartum Package 

This package includes the following services postpartum:

-Placenta Encapsulation

-Lactation Support

-Natural Baby Care Support

-Cleaning and Laundry assistance 2 times a week

(Ranging from $375-$475)

Postpartum Perfection Package

This package includes the following services postpartum:

-Placenta Encapsulation

-Lactation support

-Natural Baby Care Support

-Cleaning & Laundry assistance 2 times a week

-4-7 Frozen prepared meals per week 

(Able to accommodate any allergies and/or dietary specifications)

-On call night time Doula service

(Ranging from $550-750)

Meals are Delicious and Healthy! Guaranteed!

I always make sure that older Keiki and family members are well fed! 

**Food Preparation area is sanitized before and after any food preparation. Please notify me if there are any severe allergies so I can cook and prep accordingly. I hold an up to date Food safety license for the Sate of Hawaii and am prepared to provide proof upon request.

** In Home Meal prep is optional!! (Pricing will vary) 

**Client will be provided with the receipt from grocery list and is required to pay 30% of the bill 


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