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Island Hippy Apothecary Body Spray


A wonderful combination of grounding herbs and essential oils that up lift the senses and naturally calms and soothes through aroma therapy. Cypress is medicinally used to nourish the lymphatic system, while also having great respiratory benefits. Cypress also strengthens the body’s circulatory functions! Eucalyptus is also included which fights inflammation in the body and topically is perfect to add for burns or abrasions. Lastly, but certainly not least is the ingredient sandalwood. Sandalwood is a POWERHOUSE when used therapeutically! It helps to fight aging, boost immunity, lower cholesterol, increase weight loss, improves memory and concentration and so much more! By a simple body spray you can reap all of these priceless benefits! Not only do they smell amazingly woody and fresh but it actually helps to heal the body and encourage health!


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