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Nourish Scar Oil


Formulated with rich oils that treat the most damaged of skin. These oils and vitamins encourage blood flow and cell regeneration to the effected area. A powerful blend of essential oils are also used which have the ability to heal skin, strengthen skin, and aid the body in regenerating cells in the weakened or damaged areas. The grapefruit essential oil also helps the body move toxins from the area of application which reduces the appearance of cellulite if it exists in the area that it is applied. This blend of oils is perfect for scars that already exist, stretch marks, surgical scars, and even the worst of acne scars. Also a great blend for pregnant mothers to use through out pregnancy to avoid getting stretch marks and keeps skin hydrated and healthy to ensure that the elasticity of the stomach skin is able to withstand each month of pregnancy.

Ingredients: Organic Kukui nut oil, organic vitamin e, helichrysum essential oil, grapefruit essential oil, frankincense essential oil, and lavender essential oil.

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