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Nourish Eczema Salvation


Combating skin issues extends far beyond just treating the top of the skin. This is because most skin issues are caused by our organs responding to an imbalance in the body. A great way to communicate to those organs to begin the healing process is through the endocrine system! This is where infused herbs and essential oils come in! These herbs and essential oils all have specific purposes in order to restore the body back to homeostasis or in other words back to balanced and happy! This salve was researched and designed specifically to trigger the body to repair its skin cells and fight infection for even the worst cases of eczema, as well as encourage new skin to form, and on top of it all protect the skin from any further damage! And it smells amazing!!

ingredients: Infusion of the following organic herbs: nettle, plantain, chamomile, and calendula, organic olive oil, organic candililla wax, organic almond oil, melaleuca essential oil, and lavender essential oil.

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